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The Corgi Toys name is synonymous with quality die-cast cars, often with revolutionary designs and features that kept them in the forefront of die-cast model making for over four decades. These days the original models are highly collectable, not to mention valuable if kept in mint condition with that all-important box.

The Golden Age of Corgi coincided with a post-war boom in car ownership, along with the emergence of mass entertainment, which brought so many famous characters and icons from comic strips and the silver screen to life. The likes of Batman, James Bond, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Saint went global, along with the fortunes of Corgi Toys, who cannily secured licenses to replicate their vehicles in perfect die-cast metal miniature.

Are you a collector of Corgi vintage models? Missing a few obscure items from your collection? Browse our range below!

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